Fabulous Introductory Offer on In-home or On-Location family Photography from S&A Studios.

May 4, 2012 by

Fabulous Introductory Offer on In-home or On-Location family Photography from S&A Studios

When our first child was born we were given a family photo shoot session and free print. We took them up on their offer and bought £1,000 more worth of prints with my generous maternity leave pay. I just looked up the rates for that photo shoot: £250, no prints. This is the standard for the top-ranked Google searches.

The cost of in-home photography in London is astronomical; I don’t blame the photographers as they, like the rest of us, are just trying to make ends meet in what is rapidly turning into an absurdly expensive playground for the criminally rich.

Instead of investing in prints, our second child’s birth was commemorated with the purchase of a DSLR that we faithfully tow around town, through airports, on trains and document their childhood as best we can. I find we take about 100 pictures for every keeper and I just do not have the time to delete those massive files, the card sits, the camera sits, our kids get older, we do nothing with our pictures … until along came S&A Studios.

These are two young entrepreneurs who see the chink in the market model. Keeping their overhead low by coming to you with their mobile studio (although they do have their own space); emailing proofs and chatting over the phone, they can offer high quality and service as a great price. For the time being, they are offering their services at cost while they set up their business. They come to your home, your park, your favourite London location and shoot all for £120 with 4 prints. What’s more, do your research beforehand; give them five examples of the photographic style that you like and watch them work their wonder. Our session is in the near future, and I look forward to learning more about the shoot and what they can deliver to families on a budget.

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