London – A child-friendly city

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If you don’t happen to live there, London is still an exciting city to visit as a family. With various inhabitants, the city has plenty of interesting places for different demographics with activities that can be done at all ages. With a large variety of attractions, even the youngest family members can appreciate the sights that London has to offer. Although it can be full-on for adults, overall London is a child-friendly city with cinemas, museums, playgrounds, parks and pools offering special activities to keep the young ones entertained. The multiple neighbourhoods have their own fair share of activities aimed especially at young children as well.

Discovering Museums and the London Zoo
England has a reputation for not having the most desirable weather conditions, so thankfully there are spots to take children on rainy days. To combine both fun and education, museums and libraries are fantastic. Luckily for parents, London has an abundance of them. One of the best choices for families with young children and toddlers is the Science Museum located in South Kensington. It provides two areas specifically focused on toddlers and young children and offers a garden, a large play area and a soft toy room which are great fun too. Another highly sought-after option is the Natural History Museum. Some of its highlights include a dinosaur exhibit, a mini-beast room and a bird gallery. Such exhibitions are interesting for adults as well as there is also the option for them to learn and see something new as well. Visit their websites to see special events for children or if discounts are possible.

During the warmer seasons, visiting to the zoo can be a treat from continuously playing at parks. The London Zoo makes for a perfect family outing, offering plenty of recreational activities for young children and toddlers, such as a tree house, a water splash zone, a playing area and lots of opportunities to come close to their favorite animals. A good way of spending an unforgettable day with the family and saving money at the same time is to look out for London Zoo discounts. With plenty of families thinking of moving out of hectic London to raise their children, it is good to know that there are still plenty of parents that decide to stay, meaning the demand to keep the city friendly for younger residents is still high.

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