A Dickensian Read for Kids: The Hanged Man Rises by Sarah Naughton

Feb 16, 2013 by

If you want a devilishly delectable read that also fleshes out every day struggles of two orphans in Victorian London, this is one of the best Victorian-set novels pitched for modern readers.  The text itself is not too challenging and the gritty, gripping tale takes you on a fabulous journey.  Be forewarned, the story is, at times, purely terrifying.

Focusing around the plight of two orphaned children, Titus Adams and his sister Hannah, The Hanged Man Rises leads you on a harrowing quest to find the child killer, nicknamed “The Wig Man”, who has been murdering slum children of Westminster.  Though the killer has been caught and hung, children are still dying with the same mysterious way.  Who are the perpetrators and can the convincing clairvoyant help find them?

Author Sarah Naughton brilliantly recreates the daily toil for life in Westminster’s slum, The Acre, with vivid descriptions of oppressive fog, creeping filth, savage thievery, brutal authoritarianism and cruel exploitation of the poor.  This near-tangible, historically accurate setting of suffering is the perfect back drop for a fantastic “whodunit” for children and adults, alike.

Pre-order here at WH Smith, on Amazon.co.uk, and find it on Goodreads.com

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