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When I asked my kids what they would like to do first over their summer holidays, they asked to go to the beach and then to the Investigate room in the Natural History Museum.  What’s the Investigate room?  Good question as most Londoners do not know about it and tourists are simply unaware.

The Investigate room is in the basement of the Natural History Museum, you can find the lifts and staircase just off the main hall with the Diplodocus.  The room is every little kid’s perfect manifestation of fun: a room where they can touch EVERYTHING, filled with microscopes and specimen trays to explore.  

The specimen trays have different collections of fossils; preserved arachnids, scarab beetles, insects; they have animal skins, animal bones, animal feet; gorgeous and uncommon shells; there are beautiful samples of rocks and minerals … over 30 different trays that the children can take out, look at, measure, weigh, look up in books and on the computers.  Around the room are notepads to record their investigations; these are excellent keepsakes that your kids will proudly reflect on.

In addition to the microscopes and specimen trays, they have larger plant and animal specimens for the children to investigate.  They have deer antlers, giant turtle shells, rain sticks, a 30 foot snake skin … all kinds of curiosities for children to handle and think about.

What is really amazing about this room are the staff, they are so eager to foster a positive love of science with the kids, they will spend 20 minutes helping them find out more and learn about a particular fossil, shell, mineral or animal.  My kids have learned so much from the staff over the years, it’s a brilliant resource for any parent.  Further, since few people know about  it, it’s not very busy.  Next timey you are at the museum, head down to the Investigate room and watch your kids fall in love with science.


Open during school holidays from 11am – 5pm.  During busy times you might be asked to come back or wait to enter the room.

During term time, come from 2:30-5pm

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  1. Ah ha, you’ve taught me something new about London. I LOVE it! The 7yo now says science is his favourite subject so you can guarantee we’ll be adding this to our to-do lists 😉


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