Able and Cole Farmer’s Choice School Fundraising Scheme

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As Abel and Cole’s biggest fan (and now they are my client), how did I not know about the Farmer’s Choice scheme?  “What is so exciting about the Farmer’s Choice scheme?” you might ask.  Well if you have kids in school, or know someone who does, read on.  This is such a practical and profitable fundraising scheme.


If you have been involved in bake sales, bring-a-dish to share dinners, running the craft-making stall, selling items or tickets to your friends (my family has done our share of this stuff)  you might enjoy the fun of everyone working together to make a great fete or dinner, but you might also feel that you would be farther ahead just writing a check when you total the cost of the ingredients and the other expenses.


With the Abel and Cole Farmer’s Choice scheme, families sign up the week before and buy a bag of organic root vegetables (£5), a fruit bag (£6.50), a veg bag (£8.50), or a fruit and veg bag (£11.50).  You collect the payment when they order it, ahead of the delivery.  The bags are delivered on the same day each week in plastic containers that can be stacked and stored.  You (or make this the responsibility of a year 6 class) distribute the bags and take orders for the following week and keep a whopping 25% of the sales for your school.  Families can pay ahead for the term or, even a few weeks.


Abel and Cole gives loads of support to help launch the scheme: there are flyers, order forms and leaflets you can distribute to the school.  One idea, if you know that you can get 10 people to commit to buying fruits, veg or both before you even begin asking families to join, you should be able to recruit a further 10 families on the playground.  If you have 20 families placing an order, you should be able to count on £40 a week in profits.  If you can get the kids to manage this, or get a rota going for volunteers, this is an excellent source of income for your school PTA – £160 supporting a British farmers and an ethical production and supply chain.

The great thing about fruit and veg – we need them, they are good for us and hopefully once you gain a patron you keep them going forward each week.

Watch this space as I get some testimonials from mums I know whose schools use this scheme (and see if I have any luck with my own PTA)

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