Steak and Red Kite Ale, Black Isle Pie- Another Autumn Trea

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This recipe is not the easiest, but on days when you have 20 minutes in the morning and you have another 40 minutes in the evening to make a killah’ steak and ale pie – here is a no-fuss, not-too-messy, 100% out of the box recipe using only Abel and Cole ingredients


You need:

500 grams organic beef shin

Organic beef bones (optional)

2 red onion

Carrots, celery or other odd and end from the veg box

1 bottle of Red Kite Ale, Black Kite

Bunch of thyme, bunch of rosemary, bay leaf

For the crust:

250 grams butter

500 grams flour (white or wholemeal/white mix)

1 egg



Sautee onions until soft and translucent.  Add carrots, celery and other root veg and herbs.  Cube beef shin into small chunks and brown with the veg.  Crack the Red Kite and pour over the meal, move to crock pot.

Add bones (an optional and decadent extra £1.50) and leave for the day simmering on low.

When you get home, time to turn the oven on to 200ish and begin work on the pastry.

Work the butter and flour together in a bowl.  Use your fingertips to work every clump of butter into the flour.  Beat the egg and add this after all the butter and flour have been mixed together.  You should have a clump of dough that sticks together, but does not crumble.  If it crumbles a bit, add a tiny bit of milk until it looks like it will roll out on the rolling pin – you can give it a try with the rolling pin if you are not sure.  (10 minutes)

Remove bones from slow cooker and move the stew to a dish you can bake an ale pie in.  Roll out the pastry and cover the top of the pie, pop the pie in the oven and wait until the top is golden (25 minutes)

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