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Oct 19, 2013 by

If you want to try something outrageous, something so out of the scope of typical London family life, head over to Vauxhall on Saturday afternoons and take the kids to the Roller Disco Family Jam.  

Hidden near the caves under the Vauxhall tracks (under 10 minutes from the Underground station) are the Renaissance Rooms.  For me, the location is half the fun; I felt like I was trying to find a rave.  Walking around Vauxhall at 1 in the afternoon, my kids and I came across a couple groups of friendly kids who were still partying from the night before!!! What a contrasting scene from the doldrums of the school gate and church hall playgroups.

Roller Disco is not for children under 5, and let me warn you teaching kids to roller skate while you are on skates (you cannot have shoes on the disco floor) is no easy job – but the music is fun, the dress code is anything from riotous neon tutus and leg warmers to jeans and an Ohio State T-shirt.   It is groovy, edgy, London (but not sterile London, real London), and just pure good fun.  You will fall, laugh and listen to music that might be cool right now.

The skate rental was really good.  The skates are new, clean and you do not have to tie them up – they have special buckles like ski boots.  They give the kids knee and hand pads (so they don’t get their fingers run over).  There are loads of trained staff on hand to help pick your kids up when they fall and give them coaching to help then skate.  

Just to file in the back of your head, its a fantastic birthday party venue.  You can book a table, bring in cake and snacks and have the birthday party that surpasses every other kids party in the class in terms of pure fun (and originality).

Roller Disco Vauxhall, Located just off Miles Street, opposite archway 8, short walk from Vauxhall Station. Children 5+, tickets £10 each, including skate rental.  £7.50 just to observe or if you bring your own skates. 

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  1. chante

    Hi, what happens if it not a family it is a birthday and we want to go there can we still go

  2. I am so sorry, but the Vauxhall Roller Disco has closed. You can go to the roller bump at Southbank – still great fun.

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