London Mummy Bloggers at Isis Education Centre, help for the Royal Parks

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Come join the London Mummy Bloggers at the Isis Education Centre Wednesday 30th October 11am-3pm for a family fun day.  This is a great chance to meet Uju from Babes About Town, Jen from Gobaby App, Kerri from Keep Calm and Carry Lollipops, Not a Noting Hill Mum, and Ann from Bloomsbury Babies just to name a few of the bloggers who plan to join us.  Anyone can come, its an open day for families to come enjoy the Isis Education Centre.


For those not familiar, the Isis Education Centre is a gorgeous building located on the north side of the Serpentine, a short walk away from the compass rose in the pathways.  It’s a bit tricky to find, but once inside the centre you will be inside a fantastically interesting building, oozing with curious enticements to learn and discover more about nature.  This eco-friendly building’s design was inspired by the canopy of a tree, with marvellous oak supports and surrounded by nature paths and gardens  Here students can take part in high-tech scientific investigations and quality education in pond life biology.


In addition to serving as a wonderful catalyst for nature education and community engagement, the  Isis Education Centre also serves as a hub for fundraising for the Royal Parks.

Anyone who has fallen in love with central London, as a visitor or a resident, knows all too well how these gorgeous parks differentiate London from any other city in the world.  These parks are part of the fabric that make the London so family-friendly.  These parks, like many vital services, have had their funding drastically reduced over the last few years and are heavily reliant on anyone who can help spread the word about the great ways we can help support the parks (hiring the Isis Education Centre as a venue, donating a cherry-tree, sponsoring a runner for the half marathon) and get the word out about how we can help.  So much work goes into maintaining our parks – rubbish removal, grounds maintenance, playground upkeep … the list goes on and on.

If you are a London Mummy blogger, please come along on Wednesday for some great mingling and learning with the kids and learn how we might help spread the word about fundraising for the Royal Parks.  Email me if you can make it and I will pop you in the post (laura at London-baby dot com)

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