Gobaby App: New, Holiday Season Version of the London Push Chair-Friendly Underground, Boots Locations and Changing Facilities

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Gobaby App: New, Holiday Season Version of the London Push Chair-Friendly Underground, Boots Locations and Changing Facilities

It’s December in London and a fabulous time to head out with the baby.  Not sure how to get around? The ultimate London with Baby App has finally been created; you are now free to take your pushchair and skip around London like a pro.


Think you might want to check out Winter Wonderland or fancy hopping on the tube to go to check out the lights on Carnaby Street  but you don’t want to contend with an escalator?  Before you head into London to take in the seasonal fun, check Gobaby App and find out EXACTLY how push chair friendly the intended route will be and plan an alternate if need be.  Oops, walking around and need a nappy change?  Check Gobaby App and pin-point your nearest retailer, café, library or museum with changing facilities – pure genius and so easy to use.  Even better, the improved holiday version has all 200 London Boots locations in case you get stuck needing tissues, nappies, wipes, dummies, formula, etc.  Gobaby App can be purchased for £1.49 at iTunes and you can purchase Gobaby App here, on Google Play

Gobaby App is the only London map App that combines Underground accessibility with baby changing facilities and now Boots locations.

Super-mum, Jen Corlew has put together what has to be the very best App for families looking to explore London with pushchairs.  Once you have a little go and learn the icons, the App is intuitive and could not be simpler to use.

For the Underground, Overground and DLR stations, there are just four simple icons: one indicating if the station is completely step-free; another indicating if there is an escalator; another for a lift and the last, key bit of information, if there are more than 10 steps.  Further, the App gives live service updates, so when the Northern Line is not working, if you are checking Gobaby App, you will know.

As a salty veteran of pushchairs on the Underground, I can hack 10 steps with a sleeping baby and a toddler – more than that I am going to pass.  In the past, I had relegated my journeys without my burley husband to the Circle and District Lines.  Playing with Gobaby App I have learned there are far more push chair friendly routes around town than just the yellow and green lines.

What’s even better, when you are out and about and the kids start screaming for food, just hit the App and find a near-by restaurant that has changing facilities, glance at the icons to check and see if they have high chairs and children’s menus.

The final topper, new to this season, is the inclusion of Boots locations in the app.  Do you know how many times I have just started walking in any random direction when we have run out of nappies, wipes, needed tissues, paracetamol.  Just click on the app, click on the map and the icons will appear showing you all the near-by 200 London Boots locations.

Here is a tiny bit of background on the App.  New mum Jen Corlew was not going to while away her maternity leave siting around her West London home staring at her infant; she was going to get out and enjoy the city she had been too busy working to enjoy.  I, for one, know this story well; you want to go see about 20 museums and parks you have been longing to get to but were always working.

Like most new London mums, once your nappy bag is on your pram and you head to the underground, it then hits you that you have to bump your settled infant down a flight of stairs.  Worse, your hormones make you fear the pushchair will clamber down the steps of the escalator.  If you have two children, you have to take a toddler and your infant out for the day and you just cannot fathom managing a tantrum-throwing older child and a push chair on the steps or escalator.

Gobaby App is truly for mums on the go, the App will save the download for the area you are going to, saving your battery while you are out and about.  It even works Underground without internet access by listing the locations in your destination.

This is such a great city, especially if you have kids.  Want some good advice from a lady who knows? Buy the Gobaby App and get out and enjoy London with your pushchair.  It’s the best £1.49 you will spend.


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