A Playdate that Counts – You and Your Baby Can Help Vision Research

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What does your baby see? You and your baby can help us understand the science of vision!



UCL’s Child Vision Lab, together with the charity Fight For Sight, are developing interactive games that measure your baby’s ability to see.  They are looking for healthy volunteers aged 3-12 months, to come play the games between now and June 2014. All the games are fun, safe, and only take a few minutes to complete.

Set in the brand new Richard Desmond Children’s Eye Centre (part of Moorfields  Eye Hospital), you can bring your baby in for a play in their bright, happy, pleasant rooms and spend an enjoyable hour contributing to new research into the diagnosing and treatment of visual impairments. They also provide changing facilities, refreshments, and toys for any older siblings who may wish to come along.

The activities your child will participate in are very straightforward and do not require any invasive procedures.  Basically, you bring your infant in, sit them on your lap and have them watch a series of images on screen.  For example, stripy patterns may be displayed, mixed with fun cartoon characters.  A special camera precisely records where your baby is looking, and how they move their eyes.

This research team of child and infant visual development specialists was put together by Dr. Marko Nardini, who has previously worked at Birkbeck University and the University of Oxford.  Between them, they have over 100 years of experience in vision research, and as part of University College London, they are world leaders in their field.


This is an invaluable opportunity to make a positive contribution to the understanding and treatment of children with vision difficulties.  The study is on a volunteer basis, but your travel will be refunded up to £20. A session typically lasts around 45 minutes.

To register for a visit or find out more about the Child Vision Lab:

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