Abel and Cole: Quinoa, broccoli and Feta Tortilla with Mint Yoghurt

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This is a handy, gluten-free recipe for making a really nice, filling meal that is fabulously healthy.

It is like a Spanish tortilla, a simple baked egg and veg dish with the added twist of quinoa.  Cook the quinoa beforehand, sauté up your veggies, mix in the feta and throw it all into the oven to back.  The yoghurt sauce is optional, but adds a nice touch to the omelette.


1 mug of Quinoa, cooked

6 eggs



I package of feta cheese


Yoghurt Sauce

I mug of Greek style yoghurt

2 sprigs fresh mint



Cook you quinoa – you can cook it like rice where all the water is soaked up or cook it like pasta where you boil the quinoa for 10 minutes in an excess of water.   If you are using broccoli, steam or boil that up until it is tender.

As the quinoa is cooking, give your onions and/or garlic a sauté to soften them up in the pan.   If you are using kale, throw that into the pan for a few minutes after the onions are soft.

In a large bowl, crack six eggs and stir together.  Crumble in the entire package of feta cheese, making the cheese as fine as possible.  Add in the veggies and the cooked quinoa as soon as they are ready.

Mix it all up and bake at 200 in a wide, shallow paella pan for 45 minutes.

Yoghurt Sauce:

Blitz the yoghurt together with a few sprigs of mint, a dash of salt and a squeeze of fresh lemon if its handy.


Serve in pie-shaped slices with a layer of yoghurt sauce on top – a superfood, gluten-free masterpiece.


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