London’s Newest Small Business Solution: Widify

Mar 16, 2014 by

I don’t normally talk about these kinds of things, but part of my job is talking with local, independent businesses about working with digital content and social media to grow their sales.  Just a few weeks ago I got to test drive the latest utilisation of social media marketing from a company called Widify.


The company is launching a product called ‘Widify in a Box’. So what’s this?

Put simply it’s is a router that is placed in your venue for customers to log on to and use your internet.  When they log on, you capture some information about them; you can capture their email address; they can log in with Facebook or Twitter and give you a like for follow; they might use their mobile number.  Once they are connected to your Wifi you can keep in touch with them via email, text, Twitter or Facebook.

What is amazing about Widify is logging in and looking at the dashboard, seeing how social media influential your customers are.  If you notice someone who is particularly well connected, you can reward them with a free coffee or glass of wine while they are dining.

What is of more interest, particularly for child friendly venues, is that Widify block inappropriate content and limit access to sites that parents might not want children to access.  So, if you are providing this solution to your clientele, you have a peace of mind that it is safe and secure.

Widify is a local business as well. It  publishes and has the Wifi in venues like Hally’s, The Chelsea Kitchen, Beaufort House and Sophie’s Steakhouse.

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