WowMum: A Beautiful Baby Friendly, Family Finding App for Adventures out with the Kids

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There is a fabulous new (and FREE) web site and app that you will not want to miss: WowMum (don’t worry, there’s a WowDad coming out).  What’s more, WowMum is on the lookout for new Wowspots for parents.  Why not help out with Wowmum’s Crowdfunding, and get all the family-friendly places, spaces and shops mapped.  Get your holiday destination researched, your mum’s home mapped, buy your mate Wowspots as a baby gift … all kinds of good things to come.

“And why are you so excited about Wowmum?”  you might be asking … and that is a very good question.


WowMum has created an ingenious platform to get the most relevant information to people out and about with kids.  How would you like to tap your smart phone and locate changing facilities within a two block radius?  Have you ever been stuck with your kids on the verge of a meltdown and you would give your right arm to be directed towards a family-friendly restaurant in walking distance? (I will not confess to how many times I have used this feature already).  What t if you could plan a day out with the baby, in an exciting neighbourhood or town, mapping playgrounds, restaurants, boutiques and fun shops the night before so you know exactly where you are going beforehand?  Do you hate planning?  Wing it, e Wowmum and map it all en route.  All of this (and much, much more) is just a touch away. Welcome to the easy world of WowMum: a free web site and app that gives you key information about where the baby and family-friendly finds are on the street you are walking down.

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The web site and app are beautiful to look at and amazingly easy to use.  Every restaurant, every café, every shop, has been reviewed and is guaranteed child-friendly.  Restaurants listed have high chairs and changing facilities; they will even indicate extras, like a play area for kids, organic food, bottle warming.  The app and web site are free and super-easy to use – you simply plug in a post code and search by eating, playing, pampering or baby changing and a plethora of family-friendly options come up on the map.  Further, when you register with WowMum you will receive periodic emails suggesting what might be of interest to you and your kids.

By this point, I am sure you are keen to click away and start trying out this fun new app and web site, but wait!


How about joining in and helping out with Crowdfunding?

If you already know your own neighbourhood, to a certain degree, how amazing would it be to have this kind of information when we head into a different part of our vast city?  Even better, what about having this knowledge when heading out of London altogether? What if you could have the same quality information for loads of cities around the UK?

To help WowMum map the world’s family playground, they have put together an inspiring crowdfunding scheme.  This is an amazing opportunity for anyone inspired by the idea of helping map the world for mums, dads, carers, aunties, grannies or anyone out and about with young kids.  Pledge a £1, £5 and make the world a bit better for parents.  If you could pledge £20, you will be funding the creation of a WowSpot (a reviewed listing of a restaurant, pampering place, changing facility or playspace) that is not already listed in any neighbourhood, postcode, Borough or region of your choosing.   £50 gets you  5 newly-researched WowSpots in your chosen area, while £135 gets you 15 WowSpots.  You can fund an entire community for £400 pounds: put your favourite neighbourhood or town in the WowMum map, providing funds to research 50 WowSpots.  Do look at the Crowdfunding page as there are other perks and gifts than the ones I have listed, including these gorgeous notecards.

WowMum Crowdfunding makes a wonderful gift for that person who is expecting and you have no idea what to get them.  Give them 15 WowSpots near their home, their family bolt-hole, or near thier mum’s house.  Your gift will have a very pleasing impact on your own family or the recipient, but it will help make a positive contribution towards loads of families and help British tourism.

Take a look, explore away and make a donation to help make exploring with kids a bit easier for families.

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