Missing the City Whilst Looking at the Pavement

Jun 6, 2014 by

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As a native Londoner, it is inevitable that on some days, we fail to see the individual beauty of our city.  Whether there’s little one’s in tow or not, it’s easy to get caught up in a routine. We focus on dropping kids off at school, going to get groceries, attending baby classes, squeezing work into the craziness whilst desperately trying to stay connected with old friends and family, forgetting the multitude of reasons why London became home.


It’s important, therefore, to do what many mothers tell their children to do- you make time. Not your average recipe lifted from Delia Smith’s latest publication, but a conscious and often difficult effort that deserves to be made. Once said time has been created, either for free time with your little ones or a catch up with pals, you might as well do something or go somewhere that you haven’t been before.

Conveniently, popular home rental company HouseTrip have put their well-connected ears to the ground and have put together a Where to Stay Guide for our beloved London town. It’s an interactive guide where city dwellers have written about their favourite spots, from tourist attractions to tea shops. It’s great for that little bit of inspiration to nudge you into taking some time out of the hectic routine to go exploring.


It really is worth getting to know your own city and steering away from your usual haunts. Starbucks will always be on a million street corners, but maybe that children’s café with the kid’s books and dressing up box in Newington Green will provide better memories. Instead of tracking the pavement as you’re walking the streets of London, try looking up at everything that’s around you, because there is nowhere quite as diverse or unique as the Big Smoke.

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