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When I hired The Musical Adventurists for my son’s 5th birthday party, I thought the kids would be enjoying some storytelling, a bit of guitar and singing, a few games and fun.  The party turned out to so much more than bog-standard, birthday party entertainment; The Musical Adventurists put on a show with the highest quality singing, improvisation and fun – adults abandoned their drinks and food to come watch the performance right alongside the children.

The Musical Adventurists Do You Want to Build a Snowman

What is so special about The Musical Adventurists? They are Royal Academy of Music graduates  who will gather the children singing a capella duets; jam out Katy Perry like true rock stars; calm the group down gently plucking “Do You Want to Build a Snowman” out on the ukulele while the kids lay on the floor singing softly.  They are silly, they are fun, they are incredible… they are everything that kids love.   Check out this short clip of the kids having a blast at my son’s party:

Captain Goon The Musical Adventurists

On top of their musical skills, they are fantastic dramatists.  Matthew’s Universal Sketch Comedy Group won the prize for best comedy at Edinburgh.   Lydia is a professional singer on BBC and various commercials, in addition to performing in top theatres across the country.  On top of their ability to bring stories and adventure to life with song and acting, the unique selling point to The Musical Adventurists is that they create a party just for your child.  They find out their interests, their favourite songs, their best friends and write an adventure just for your kid’s party.

Musical Adventurists Garden

Equally as impressive as the performance, Lydia and Matthew are really at ease handling large groups of children.  My son’s party was intended to be held in our garden; when the weather suddenly did not cooperate, Matthew and Lydia were able to quickly get their keyboard, capes and numerous story props inside and set up an entire party in our tiny reception.  Both have lots of experience with children’s parties, they did a quick assessment of the room and instructed me to cover sharp corners and removed wobbly items the kids might hurt themselves on.  In the blink of an eye they were entertaining 15 children in a 12 x 20 room.  In this tiny room, the kids went on hikes, sailed across lagoons, they hunted evil pirates with hilarious names and had more fun squished into a tiny space in 1 hour than I would have thought possible.

All the guests had a really wonderful time, three months later the kids are still acting out the stories together and incorporating the characters Matthew and Lydia brought to life for them.  The party was a huge success and we look forward to having them back next year.

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