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Nov 7, 2014 by

International Elf Service

I have to admit that the parent in me struggles a bit with the holiday season.  While I love the food, the beautiful lights in the evenings, the gatherings and the time for reflection, I find it difficult to direct the giddiness my kids feel throughout the season into something constructive.  I think I may have found the answer with a clever new letter writing scheme from International Elf Service.

International Elf Service Lettters

Somewhat like an Advent calendar, your child receives a personalised letter, each day from 1st December through Christmas Eve, written by one of the elves at the North Pole.  Elfie writes to your child each day, updating with stories from Santa’s workshop, amusing stories about mix-ups, spills, and charming details about polishing reindeer bells and preparing the sleigh.  This is such a clever way to involve your kids in a literacy activity; I really like how you can channel the excitement of the holidays into a letter reading scheme that might even result in older kids getting inspired to write back.

International Elf Service personalised letters from the North Pole

This service is very straightforward, place your orders by 25th November and you will receive 24 beautifully written and sumptuously presented letters, personalised with your child’s name.  The letters come complete with ink splodges, smear marks and all the names that you have requested printed on the letters and the envelopes.  You leave the letters hidden around your home and help your children find them.  Your children will also receive a map, lovingly drawn by Elfie, showing the North Pole Workshops.   Order The International Elf Service now before 25th November, £35 for all letters, envelopes and maps.

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  1. Such a lovely service, really looking forward to trying it out!

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