Khush-boo Fragrances, 100% Natural for Children

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I have identified a few, key universal “mummy” actions we all do without thinking, using saliva to rub food off their faces; grabbing for a hand while crossing the road; tying a mucky, wet shoelace without being asked.  There are many more but one of the nicest instinctive “mummy action” is inhaling deeply from the crown of their hair and smelling first the shampoo, then finally that essential scent of the child underneath.

Khush-boo children's frangrance

Khush-boo makes that last “mummy” action so much nicer.  Khush-boo Fragrances are special fragrances made for children, 100% natural fragrances.  After reading about Khush-Boo Fragrances on Honest Mummy, you can imagine how quickly I tore into my samples of Khush-Boo fragrances when they arrived; I was curious to find out what these were all about…


There were so many to choose from and all were heavenly. The simple, essentialist in me is attracted to lavender dreams and rose – but all were equally pleasing.  They are gentle, without any irritants, just subtle, essential oils that are not in any way overbearing.  They are so delicate you just take the tiniest scent of the oil when you are very near.

lavender dreams Kush-boo frangrance

There are beautiful blends, too. Rainbow is an intoxicating blend of clove, grapefruit, mandarin with the slightest touch of patchouli; it smells natural and earthy, just the slightest hint.  Spiced Vanilla is a lovely blend of vanilla and cardamom, a gorgeous combination.

These are perfectly safe for all skin types, they are all natural and the most gentle of beautiful scents.

Khush-boo Fragrances has an Indiegogo campaign that is very interesting.  For £10 donation, you get a fragrance of your choice plus 2 samples.  £15 get you 3 fragrances; if you already know the one you like £20 will buy you a full-sized fragrance.  If you really love this idea of 100% fragrances, £500 will get you a day in the lab learning the basics of natural fragrance making.

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