The Petits Painters – Observational Drawing (in French) at Tate Britain

Jan 12, 2015 by

imageLe Petits Painters is a fabulous concept for French-speaking London families.   Younger (and sometimes older) children learn French conversation skills through an integrated arts lesson.  Agnes and Marine will come to your home, where 4 French-speaking (to varying degrees) children gather to learn a traditional French tale and work on an art project around the story.  They use the same story over several weeks, drawing the story, making puppets, acting the story out, painting scenes from the story, acting out the parts – all in French!!

Children are fully immersed in French by playing and acting out the story, they take the story puppets home and continue practicing their French throughout the week.

If you children are older, try out The Tate on Saturday.  Get in touch with Agnes (079 1011 9725) or Marine (079 0471 7764) if you would like to organise a class for you and your friends at home.

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