Four Children’s Charities to Start Donating to Today

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Children in First World countries are blessed with privileges that aren’t readily available to the young in underdeveloped nations, and the rate of child poverty grows by day. Parents do everything they can to provide for their children, but for those kids that don’t have access to human rights, to education and health, they require your help. Below are four charities that you can show your support for, to make a difference for a family or two, and to strengthen the children of tomorrow.

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To give them something to smile about…
Consider donating to Operation Smile. An international medical charity provides cleft lip and cleft palate surgeries, this nonprofit organization caters to children from low and middle income countries. Licensed surgeons travel from nation to nation to deliver ongoing, as well as postoperative, medical therapies that yield long-lasting results. Medical professionals continue to research methods for safe and effective treatments, strategies for prevention, and finally, eradication of the birth defect. If left untreated, cleft lip and palate can result in difficulties in speaking, hearing, breathing, and eating. Often, parents don’t have the monetary funds to give their children, yet donations across the globe have accounted for 220,000 free surgeries.

To teach children how to be self-sufficient…
Think about sponsoring a child through UnaKids. This charity raises funds for education, training, and health care in war stricken areas, giving single-parent families and orphans a chance at a better life. The main focus of this charity is giving children access to a full education, even provide them with university opportunities. In addition to educational support, funds also go toward housing developments, clothing, medical assistance, and other projects. Through continued family sponsorships and efforts in educating the youth, the organization hopes to increase their outreach to 3,000 kids by 2017, and eventually over 5,000 come 2020. With contributions from global citizens, these children will grow up to be self-sufficient adults that will give back to their own communities.

To help the ones with special needs…
Send your donations to Variety the Children’s Charity. Under its umbrella of projects, members of this nonprofit are dedicated to giving assistance to special needs children, whether they face challenges mentally, physically, or socially. Help is extended to all corners of the world. One of the prime examples of the charity work involved includes the provision of leg braces, wheelchairs, hearing aids, augmentative speech equipment, prostheses, and other sorts of medical equipment. Variety International also has projects that further education for kids with disabilities.

To keep their hearts beating…
International Children’s Heart Foundation is the place to direct your funds to. Another organization that has medical professional at their helm, ICHF aims to help children in developing countries diagnosed with congenital heart disease. Through medical this missions, charity provides operations, and even education for local health care practitioners, so that they too can learn more about the disease and how to properly treat the heart defect. Resources for treatment and research are very limited in Third World nations, but since its launch in 2003, medical professionals in this organization have performed 7,000 surgeries.

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