Laundrapp – Outsourcing Laundry, the Secret to London Family Life?

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Imagine an application so slick, so intuitive that you can actually do the laundry in a meeting, on a call, at the school gate or sitting through a swimming lesson.  Thanks to Laundrapp, London families can now outsource their laundry with a few simple swipes of their phone at a very reasonable price with minimum effort.

Laundrapp London's dry clean and laundry delivery service

Laundrapp charges £15 for an 8 kilo bag (roughly 1.5 loads of laundry) to be collected, washed, folded and delivered.  What’s more, they will do so in hour-long delivery and collection windows.  Even better, it’s not just the kids’ clothes, Laundrapp collects dry cleaning, work shirts, cocktail dresses, linens, curtains; they can launder and dry clean just about anything.

London Families: try out Laundrapp enter in “Londonbaby” voucher code and receive £10 off your first order

     As I was learning about this app, it dawned on me that this concept has particular appeal to families facing the challenges of living in small spaces with children.   Families who know all too well the required industry to efficiently use limited space with exponentially increasing demands for carrying capacity.  It begins with fitting in the pushchair and car seats, then come the bouncy chairs, the door swings, the riding toys, the baby gates and travel cots, not to mention finding places for all the other toys and managing the assortment of weather-appropriate outwear.

All of this shrinking space goes hand in hand with increasing laundry commitments: the baby grows, becomes mobile and needs more and more clothing.  You need more and more space for sorting, folding, ironing … soon you need an entire room to dry a load of washing, and this is before you even begin the daily tedium (and time!) of actually doing the washing, hanging, folding and ironing.

Laundrapp intuitive laundry outsourcing app

Thanks to the highly user-friendly app, tired, overwhelmed, overworked or just plain savvy families can now outsource their laundry to a vetted, wholly reliable dry cleaning and laundry professional.  Laundrapp can improve the work-life struggle saving you hours a week in laundry duties or just help ease the logistics of family life in small spaces.

How does this all work?  Laundrapp does not merely amalgamate service providers.  Instead, Laundrapp has partnered with only long-established, vetted cleaning companies who already service 5 star hotels, restaurants and might even have a bricks and mortar presence in your community.  Both parties work to ensure the highest standards of professional cleaning and laundering.

When you place your order, you schedule an hour-long slot for your cleaning to be collected.  If you are not sure about a stain, a garment, you want work shirts dry cleaned rather than laundered, whatever you need, a laundry professional will come to your door and double check your order with you.  Laundry, work shirts, linens, special occasion dresses are all returned as early as three days later (or whenever you prefer) with everything cleaned and folded with some items pressed (laundry is folded, not pressed).  Making life even simpler, when they collect your laundry, they give you a reusable laundry bag to place the next round for collection.

The best part about this, Londoners can now do all of this from their phones with the highest level of assurances, fantastic convenience and at a reasonable price.   The app is very user-friendly and highly intuitive.  The design is so simple, you can actually multitask and do laundry while on a call, at playground or playing Snakes and Ladders with your kids.  Laudrapp has delivered the towering convenience in big city living to Londoners.

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  1. Jenn

    There are quite a few services out there now similar to what they’re providing. Try these guys out, no problems from experience and quite affordable.


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