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My husband and I do not just love cooking, we live cooking.  A perfect weekend for us is getting in great food, preparing it, and then sitting down with friends, or just as a family, to share a meal.  We take our food so seriously that there are often Saturday morning trips to the Bermondsey caves or mid-week trips to far away butchers for hung, aged beef.

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Like most families, we have become very attuned to the dramatic differences in flavour meat from a butcher verses the supermarket; even more so when contemplating the various intensive the farming processes and how the might alter the flavour of our food.  What we most value about using very good cuts of meat is that the preparation is so easy – just some salt, pepper and herbs.  You don’t have to play around with basting, or make fussy sauces for quality meat, it’s easy preparation and great results.


Jane, my new partner at London Baby and Kids (and fellow foodie) came across field&flower in Wimbledon and was keen to give them a try.  field&flower generously gave us a leg of lamb to try out and what a wonderful experience.  The amazingly high quality of this particular lamb is guaranteed to make your Easter weekend family meal a huge success.


field&flower is an award winning online meat delivery service farming, sourcing and preparing free-range and grass-fed meat.  Based at company founder James Flower’s beef farm in the heart of Somerset, they only work with a handful of other small, local and traditional farms that they know and trust to provide the very best quality meat whilst also offering complete traceability.  Nothing is more important to their farmers than animal welfare; providing plenty of space for them to roam free and enjoy a completely natural diet.  Food miles are kept to a minimum as only local abattoirs are used and all the meat is dry aged offering the most tender and tasty end product.  Each item is hand cut and vac packed for you the day before your deliver and arrives fresh in a temperature controlled cool boys keeping your meat chilled for a minimum of 36 hours.


We were given a bone-in leg of lamb.  We ordered it on a Wednesday, it was cut and packaged on Thursday in Somerset and delivered to Wimbledon on Friday in a cool box.  The preparation was simple, we coated the outside of the joint with olive oil, salt and pepper, browned it for a few minutes and then added a rub of fresh mint, apple cider vinegar, garlic and salt.


We popped it into the oven for hour and then played around with Spotify for a bit, and before too long all 8 of us were sitting down for a meal.

What we discovered with the taste was a far more subtle flavour, instead of the lamb being gamy tasting, with acidic overtones, the field&flower lamb was very subdued and slightly sweet.  The tenderness of the meat also stood out, much better than typical lamb.   In fact, we all agreed it was dramatically better than any lamb any of us had had.  The children all helped themselves to seconds, very interesting as neither of the four children have ever been particularly keen on it.

I went on their site and learned a little bit more about Home Farm in Somerset, where the lamb had been raised.  The farmer, Martin Drew, keeps a small herd with just 4.5 ewes per acre.  He raises Suffolk, one of the oldest, native breeds in the UK.  Each lamb is hung and aged for a week.  Martin maintains the highest level of welfare for his flock, he feeds them only grass and turnips and does not use sprays or fertilisers on his fields.


All four adults, and all four kids were thoroughly enjoyed a great meal created with locally-grown, grass-fed, 100% British lamb.  Get your orders in for Easter by Tuesday 31st March,

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