Laundrapp delivers!

Mar 18, 2015 by

If you’ve been following my laundry saga, wherein I desperately needed a laundry fairy to help out with my overflowing mound of laundry, you’ll know by now that I bit the bullet and had Laundrapp come and take some things away for me. I promised I’d write more when my laundry was returned, but before that happened, I had a sudden panic that the hour-long window that I’d booked my return laundry drop-off was suddenly a time that I needed to be somewhere else! Not a problem, Laundrapp’s app is so easy to use, and there’s a simple tool to reschedule, which I did in about two seconds. Exactly when promised (they book in one-hour windows, much like your grocery delivery), another nice man came and dropped all my laundry off — all nice and neatly folded!


Laundry, delivered!

I can’t tell you how happy this made me, especially since on top of my already-behind-schedule, I had an enormous PTA event last week that took most of my time and energy. So, Laundrapp to the rescue! My huge king-sized flannel sheets were washed, dried and folded — brilliant! On top of the fact that I don’t have any room to dry my sheets in the middle of winter, I happen to also be the world’s worst sheet-folder. To have this done for me will work wonders on my linen closet! (I’m imagining if I have all my sheets done like this, the whole thing could look like something from Martha Stewart!)


My clothes were all neatly folded as well — all I had to do was put everything away!


London Baby & Kids readers, you can try Laundrapp too — for a limited time, enter the voucher code “Londonbaby” to get £10 off your first order. A laundry bag worth of laundry — 1.5 loads — costs just £15, and they do everything from work shirts to dry cleaning to specialty items. With your £10 voucher code, you could be making a dent in your pile of laundry for just £5 — why not treat yourself to a little post-Mother’s-Day gift to you?

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