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So you’ve all by now seen my incredibly embarrassing overflowing pile of laundry. And I think I told you I decided to bite the bullet and give Laundrapp a try.  Just so you know, aside from the mountain of laundry that has accumulated in my corner, this is what the only spare space we happen to have in our house usually looks like, almost every. single. day.


The only spare space in our house just so happens to be in my bedroom (or I should say, mine and my husband’s), which, as it happens, is not very feng shui. We’ve all read those articles about creating a perfectly soothing bedroom environment to minimize stress (and bring on the romance as well!), and this was just not cutting it. Theoretically, the laundry rack has a place that it lives when it gets folded up and put away, but that was basically…never.

So, I went on Laundrapp’s dead-simple-to-use app, ordered their £15 Wash & Fold special,  and took a pile of laundry from my overflowing mountain and placed it in my handy Ikea laundry basket, like this:


I filled it up to the top as they said a normal bag is about 1.5 loads of laundry, so that seemed about right. Okay, I kind of smushed things in there to get as much of it gone as possible. True.

The app lets you select a one-hour window for pickup and delivery that’s convenient for you, and they bring you a nifty bag with your first order. Exactly on time, my driver showed up with this lovely empty bag, just waiting to be filled with all my dirty goodies:


He was super-nice (especially because he let me take his picture), and very helpful, answering my newbie questions and helping me get my laundry from my basket into my nifty new bag (it fit, no problem!). He even brought me an extra bag for my massive flannel sheets, which I had also (separately) ordered to have cleaned. And then he took my laundry…and left!


I won’t call him a Laundry Fairy, because that might make him mad and he was such a nice guy, but I will say the whole service felt like that fantasy I know we’ve all had where someone just makes your laundry go away…like a Laundry Fairy.

I know, I know, you’re dying of envy over there, but let me tell you: first, you can try out Laundrapp for yourself — it’s so easy! But second, you could even win a £50 voucher from Laundrapp just by Tweeting (or Instagramming, if you prefer) your own massive pile of laundry with the hashtags #INeedALaundryFairy and #Laundrapp. Oh, come on, we all have a laundry pile — it’s nothing to be ashamed of! You’re too busy being a fantastic mum to keep up with your laundry!

Laura and I will choose the most deserving photo (sorry, London addresses only), and simple as that, you could be on your way to winning your very own £50 voucher from Laundrapp — and having your own personal Laundry Fairy. Seriously.

More to come when my deliciously folded laundry comes back to me!

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