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Okay, it’s time to fess up: I, too, need a laundry fairy. Desperately. You see, ever since February half term (I know, it’s March already), I haven’t been able to catch up on the laundry. We returned home from a week in Spain with four suitcases of very well-worn clothes, and while I’ve now officially finished washing, drying, folding and putting away the holiday laundry, in the meantime, more has piled up. Because, you know, you live every day and create dirty clothes. Especially the kids. Living in a three-bedroom 1920s terraced house with no dryer, I find that doing more than one load of laundry a day is near impossible. So, easy math: four suitcases of dirty clothes + daily increasing laundry – one load of laundry a day = never being done = #INeedALaundryFairy.

So in all humiliating honesty, here is my giant pile of laundry:


#INeedALaundryFairy #Laundrapp

You can’t even tell which way is up, can you?! This is incredibly embarrassing, but I want you to know that if you have fallen into this same, endless trap of unfinished laundry, you are not alone! We are all busy mums with small houses trying to spend quality time with our children and cook a few decent meals here and there, and things fall behind. Look, there at the bottom of my laundry pile is the boot I was looking for for hours the other day…

So I’ve finally bitten the bullet. After coming across an article in Time Out on the best new apps a few weeks ago, Laundrapp caught my eye. You download the super-user-friendly app, decide what laundry you want done, schedule a pickup, and wait for that magical moment when someone else picks up your laundry and takes it away! 

That’s what I’ve done so far. I chose a two things to start with: our gigantic, king-sized flannel sheets, which have been needing to be cleaned for-ever, but with the lack of space in our (typical) London house, I’ve just been putting it off. And I decided to just have them take a big chunk of my laundry away in one of their Laundrapp bags — they said it should average 1.5 loads.

It’s not everything (this pile is embarrassingly only my and my husband’s clothes — the kids dirty laundry pile is in another room!), but it’s a start, and it may be enough of a start to give me some sanity.

More to come when the laundry fairy arrives…!!

Meanwhile, do you need a laundry fairy? If so, tweet or Instagram a photo of your (it couldn’t be worse than mine, could it?) embarrassing pile of dirty laundry, using the hashtags #INeedALaundryFairy and #Laundrapp, and Laura and I will choose the most deserving mum to win a £50 voucher* from Laundrapp!

*Only available to greater London residents.



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