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Its January … are you ready to turn a healthy leaf in the new year?  Local mum Kerri Holland has launched an innovative, online fitness resource for mothers who want to workout around their kids.  Postparty offers instructional fitness videos, beneficial for anyone, but specially designed for pre and postpartum mums with infants and small children.

Postparty offers a series of online fitness training videos for mums of all stages of motherhood and fitness.  The unique part of Postparty is that many of the fitness videos incorporate infants and toddlers into the actual workouts.  Babies become kettle balls, toddlers work with your pushups, do modified bear-crawls crawling after your infant … loads of creative and ingenious ideas to get all your muscles working and help achieve greater fitness and the energy you need for motherhood.

For mums like me, who are way past postpartum, Postparty offers workouts, of varying degrees of intensity, demonstrating how to get a workout in around the house when the kids are at home doing homework, playing, sleeping or otherwise engaged.  Mums no longer need to go to the gym, go for a run, go to the pool and leave the kids with a costly sitter to get a workout.  Postparty shows you how to train at home, around the kids without putting a large dent in the family finances.

Kerri’s online videos are beautifully filmed, pleasant to look at, but more importantly, filled with excellent instruction and personality – the videos are engaging and enjoyable.  You learn how to execute exercises correctly, why you are doing them and what benefit you will gain from them and have a bit of fun.  My husband has recently sunk a small fortune into a personal trainer and gym membership to learn the basics that Kerri teaches in Postparty.  Postparty’s workouts switch and change between cardio, resistance training, calisthenics, pilates and yoga to get the most out of your workout and ultimately do the most to help promote your health.

Postparty is a subscription service of about £7 per month (or $10); far more affordable than a trainer and gym membership.  For about £70 (or $100), you can purchase a year-long subscription.  There is a core group of 25 workout videos with more being added to the site continually.  Adding more value, Postparty will have local neighbourhood groups where mums can post local information about cleaners, sitters, schools, contractors.  Postparty will also have quality content about travel, nutrition, parenting and other relevant topics for family life.

The very best part of Postparty is the very holistic, relaxed attitude towards fitness and health.  The core values are positive body image, exercise that is fun, good nutrition and having realistic expectations around work and family.  There are not before and after pictures or lectures about portion control, it’s a real-world, relaxed approach to fitness, health and family life in general. 

Kerri Holland is a local mum, Parsons Green.  She started up Buggy Bootcamp in Hyde Park, a local favourite for mums waiting to socialise and get fit.  Check out the testimonials from some her clients:

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  1. Super parties, reasonable subscription and the perfect tool to help mamas feel fitter after childbirth x

  2. Thanks for the comment, and YES!! Great prices and outcomes. x

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