Treasured Moments: Quentin Blake and Emma Chichester Clark’s Three Little Monkeys

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There are few animals that capture the charm, the delight, the physical energy, the innocent mischief and the warm, comforting snuggles of childhood better than a monkey.  My youngest has always been fixated on these lovely creatures.  One of my most treasured moments from his early childhood, as he was just learning to speak, was how he would refer to his cherished, soft monkey toy as “monkey-a”.  The “monkey-a” was the kind with extra long arms that have velcro at the ends, so it can dangle around your neck while you play.  We still give each each other “monkey-a hugs” when we are being silly, saying good byes or just need a moment to think about less complicated times.  


At the ripe old age of 7 my son still paints monkeys, acts monkeys, writes about monkeys and loves to read any story about a monkey while snuggling with his mummy at the end of a hard day.  Cuddling up with a newly-bathed boy under the duvet and giggling over a monkey story is one of life’s truly under-appreciated moments; especially after a long day at work.



Sir Quentin Blake has teamed up with Emma Chichester Clark to create a definitive bedtime picture book for young children: Three Little Monkeys.  Hilda Snibbs is a metropolitan dame who has three little pet monkeys, Tim, Sam and Lulu – they are extremely lively.  So much so, they turn her town house upside down with a chaotic trail of destruction and fun.  These little monkeys are riotously funny and extremely loveable.  Three Little Monkeys combines fabulous storytelling with buoyant, whimsical, engaging artwork from the UK’s godfather of children’s illustrations and the very talented Emma Chichester Clark.  Whether as a gift, or for your own home, grown ups and children alike will enjoy this keepsake, bedtime classic; be sure to get a copy and help make #treasuredmoments happen.

If you fancy a chance winning a copy of Three Little Monkeys signed by Quentin Blake and Emma Chichester Clark, leave a comment on the Facebook page about your own #treasuredmoments and get a chance to win.  Three Little Monkeys #treasuredmoments competition. Full terms and conditions here.

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  1. Aww, how adorable! You’ve reminded me that Big Sis went through a monkey stage – now she collects all those animal teddies with the big eyes (can’t remember what they’re called). She says they’re not teddies, they’re ‘who-mans that haven’t grown’. x

  2. Loved reading about your treasured moments, and the last photo of you with your boy is so sweet! x


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