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The fates (in my universe that is spare cash, time and energy) aligned this October and I was finally able to get my children over to Go Ape in Battersea Park for what ended up being a very rewarding outing.

My older kid is extremely confident with climbing, moving and is not at all afraid of heights; my youngest is not exactly there yet.  My fear was that Go Ape was going to work perfectly for one child and be a complete waste of time and money for the other.  The experience was fantastically enjoyable for both children, and forced my youngest to take risks and work out some tricky obstacles in a way that he would have never done.  Both are still very keen to return and show their dad how much fun they had.

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Children over the age of 6 and over 1 metre tall are able to do the junior course on their own.  This is a bit more affordable, and manageable as you only need to purchase the children’s tickets.  The adult course looks brilliant, children over the age of 10 and over 1.4 metres tall can go; those younger than 10, but tall enough need an adult to accompany them.  I had thought that I could book the older child into the adult course, and I could stay with the younger one, but that does not exactly work out, and this particular situation is not clear when you are booking.  Go Ape worked it all out for us in the end, refunding the extra fee for the adult course and making sure both kids could go on the junior rouse at the same time.


My kids both thoroughly enjoyed the junior course in the end.  The kids were harnessed, walked through a safety lesson where they practiced walking the line and unsticking their cables.  They were given specific instructions about the numbers of people allowed on crossings and platforms and off they went.  Some of the crossings are very tricky and require a good bit of problem solving to work out how to get from platform to platform, particularly for younger and smaller children.


It was so exciting to watch my little one negotiate the course, being up so high, on his own.  It is completely safe as they are secured into their harness, but I cannot help thinking that being up there with his sister, wanting to get to the zip wire, he persevered more than if an adult had been near-by.


The cost at Battersea Park is £20 per child.  There is a fantastic playground in the area for little ones not ready to go on the adventure.  There are picnic tables, so bring your own snacks and lunch; there is also a lovely cafe that serves coffee, food, wine … and is very pleasant with lots of high chairs and nappy changing facilities.


This was the great outing of our October half-term and the kids are still remembering what an adventure they had.

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