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When I first learned about the Chelsea Swim Spa, I scratched my head and inwardly wondered how it might work.  The Chelsea Swim Spa is an award-winning, baby and kid-friendly, luxuriously warm hydro-pool in Chelsea.  While there are a number of warm baby-friendly pools in London, Chelsea Swim Spa is unique in that it is in a private home.

To be honest, I was really did not know what to expect when I rang the door on a well-loved street in SW10.  What kind of person has a pool in their house in Chelsea?  What would it be like to be in a house with a pool in Chelsea?  Upon the door being answered, I was warmly greeted by kind and gracious hosts and a fabulously helpful staff.  Everyone was keen to have mums and babies around; they were helping with pushchairs, holding bags, helping cumbersome manoeuvring around with baby and kit.

beautiful young brunette woman with her one year old baby relaxing in the swimming pool

Anyone who has tried out the baby pools can attest to what a mixed bag it is.  If the babies are welcomed by the pool, the whole ordeal is a logistical challenge between pushchair parking, getting the swim kit moved, changing the infant.  Then there are the pools were there is an unstated battle between people children and adult users who would prefer there to be no children.   Chelsea Swim Spa has provided the perfect solution to all of this.  You can now have easy access to a lovely warm pool, with friendly people around welcoming you and helping you with your infant or child.


The pool is a good-sized hydro-pool that is ozone treated (taking away the need for excessive chlorine while still keeping the pool hygienic).   The house and staff is set up to accommodate wet mums who need to change nappies and dry their hair.  Even better, they have an ace swimming instructor to help get the little ones in the water and happy about being there.  It is warm all through the swimming and changing area, you won’t get chilled coming out or going into the pool.

The pool can be hired for personal or group fitness, for individual or group swimming lessons, for anyone who might be needing a hydro-pool but not want to be in a public pool.  And the very best part, you are in the beautiful home of a very gracious host.  Happy full family - mother, father, baby son learn to swim, dive underwater with fun in pool to keep fit. Healthy lifestyle, active parent, people water sport activity, swimming lesson. Focus on child

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