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I had the most pleasant Thursday evening at Cole and Sons Big Apple Hot Dogs in Islington last week.  I stayed up much later than I typically do, as often happens when I am eating, socialising and drinking.  Funny thing … I woke up feeling a little more tired than usual, but otherwise fine.  The secret to my quick recovery? I was sampling the beverages sold by Dry Drinker, the UKs favourite low-calorie, low and no-alcohol beer, wine, cider and spirit shop.


The background story behind Dry Drinker resonates with many of us. Stuart Elkington, the founder, turned the corner into middle age and discovered, as many of us have, he was “fat and forty”.  When Stuart evaluated his own diet and what he needed to do to lose weight, he picked the “low hanging fruit” of beer, started training, and eventually slimmed back down to his normal self.  Once he got his groove back, he found he was sleeping better, had more energy … but missed the taste of a beer after work or at a party.


That is when Stuart, a Project Investment Manager in the drinks industry, having recently discovered a great-tasting, low-alcohol beer when on holiday, thought “I think I could market this concept” and Dry Drinker was born.  The idea behind Dry Drinker is to seek out the very best tasting low and no-alcohol beers, wines, ciders, fruit beers and spirits.  Stuart saw a market for people looking to reduce their units each week who don’t necessarily want to give up drinking all together.  His job now is to find the best tasting low-alcohol and low-calorie drinks to replace high-calorie and high-alcohol drinks.  After Thursday night, I am thinking my husband and I might need to get a monthly order of Dry Drinker for entertaining our guests (and perhaps enjoying a cheeky, guilt-free, mid-week glass or bottle).


So, the question, how does it taste?  Mothers and Shakers, together with Uju Asika from Babes About Town, Liz Burton from Me and My Shadow, Hannah from Big Fish Little Fish Family Rave the lovely Eboni from Eboni and Ivory, Maria from The Tiger Tales, Jackie from Transatlantic Mom, Elinor Hill at Beach Hut Cook and the amazing Afra from Mad Mum of 7 all met up at London’s favourite hot dog stand, Cole and Sons for Big Apple Hot Dogs and Dry Drinker drinks.


We did not overtly mention that the drinks were low and/or free from alcohol, instead waiting for people to sample, chat, eat, relax, enjoy and then discover that their drink is not naughty, but nice.  The reactions were mixed.  Everyone was pleased with their drinks, it was just funny how the wind went out of the sails for some people when they learned it was booze-free (to be fair, they had made expensive arrangements for a night out).  Towards the end of the night, several people were convinced that they have a lot of room for Dry Drinker in their boozy socialising and entertaining.  It tastes the same, is just as festive, and you don’t end up slurring your words at a work event or waking up with a productivity-diminishing hangover.


Dry Drinker is a fantastic idea for people looking to start a family, pregnant women and mums nursing … anyone who might be laying off the hard-stuff for a while.  Its also perfect for mums chasing after really small children who would love nothing more than a good, stiff drink but want to make sure they have their game-face on for chasing toddlers.  Even better for those of us trying to keep fit after 40 and not wanting to completely change our lifestyles.   Dry Drinker has a flat shipping rate of £6.99 per order and they ship anywhere in the UK, from a Cornish cottage to an Islington flat, you can enjoy Dry Drinker on holiday or at home entertaining.

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