Do you have a Nursery place for your little one and are looking for a class to fit around your timetable? 

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Monkey Music offers morning & afternoon 2-3yrs and 3-4 yrs classes so you can still share the fun and learning together!

Monkey Music is not just the gold-standard for Chelsea and Westminster mum and baby activities, it is also the very best place to introduce your child to a progressive, age specific music curriculum that supports each stage of their development as they become little musicians.


Some families leave Monkey Music once they have experienced the baby and toddler curriculums and move on to nursery, but for those who have stayed on the feedback and success of the classes has been tremendous. So much so that many mums will cancel an afternoon or morning of nursery in order to attend these high-quality classes, spending time with their children and their new-found friends.


Jiggety-Jig 2&3 yrs music classes, support all aspects of your child’s musical, social, language and physical development, concentrating on exploring basic music theory, finding the beat, playing quietly and loudly, quickly and slowly and whilst having lots of fun at the same time! Expect wonderful puppets and props, parachutes, games, activities, individual percussion sets, full interaction with the same teacher each week and of course lots of bubbles…

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Ding-Dong 3&4 yrs music classes Monkey Music offers a super class for 3-4 yr olds that teaches your child to read music, sol-fa tonal hand signs and learn about (and try!) all the instruments of the orchestra and te sol-fa tonal hand signs. The classes provide the with the best possible platform from which to go on and learn a musical instrument at school. It’s a unique class, something which is not available on your little one’s nursery curriculum, and the educational benefits are enormous, reading and writing skills are hugely enhanced as well as co- ordination skills and social skills, it’s so much fun too!

Jayne Monkey Music Chelsea and Belgravia

Jayne’s 20 years of experience both teaching and performing ( she’s a professional violinist) and her small team of talented opera singers, musicians and singers, combined with Monkey Music’s unique preparatory curriculum, is a fantastic way to spend quality time with your child while meeting local families.

Monkey Music classes in Chelsea have won Little London Award for Best Kids Club, Franchise of the Year from Monkey Music and Netmums Gold Award for Best Music Class in Chelsea.


Monkey Music is passionate about how to best support children’s music development by introducing high-quality music in a way children can easily understand and enjoy.  The classes aim to build on the growing attention span of your child and focus on dividing the class into structured sections that become very recognisable to children as the weeks go by.  Each term babies, toddlers and older children progress through the curriculum, building up an impressive musical knowledge that is not taught in nurseries.

Classes are filling up with term starting Monday 11th September but there are a few afternoon openings in Belgravia and Pimlico and morning openings at the Cineworld Cinema, Chelsesa, St. Stephen’s Church Gloucester Road, and The Hut in Chelsea.

All venues are easy to reach by transport, completely secure, light-filled and pushchair-friendly.

If you’re looking for a fun and fascinating music class for you and your child, do get in touch to book your FIRST FREE CLASS.

If you book and join with two other mums, the normal £18 joining fee is reduced to just £1 if you mention London Baby and Kids.


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Tel: 020 8767 9827

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