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Are you and your baby looking to meet local mums, in a clean, pleasant space and take part in an enjoyable activity? Are you near Maida Vale, Marylebone, Notting Hill or Hampstead? Could I suggest you try out one of London’s premier baby and mum activity – Monkey Music.  For a limited time, Monkey Music Maida Vale, Marylebone, Notting Hill and Hampstead have a special offer for new London Baby and Kids readers.  If you and 2 other parents join Monkey Music and mention London Baby and Kids, the normal £17 joining fee will be reduced to just £1 for all three of you.

Beat your drum

     Monkey Music classes really are the gold-standard for enjoying your time time
with your infant.  The venues are clean and pleasant, with safe areas to leave your pushchairs.

Whole Foods

  • Keat’s House Library is a space exclusive to Monkey Music, the classes take place in a lovely library adjacent to the historic house in Hampstead.
  • The Quaker House at the top of Heath Street is another special space, boasting a lovely garden, just a few steps to contend with and ample space for buggies.  The near-by cafes on the high street are an added bonus, as is the open space of the heath.
  • Primrose Hill Community Centre is set in a secluded courtyard just a few steps from Primrose Hill Park, with a soaring gable roof and a gorgeous light-filled room.


  • Kensington Library is the best venue for buggy access, with ample buggy parking and fantastic location just off Kensington High Street with the near-by shops, Kensington Gardens and the Pirate Ship Playground.
  • Essex Church, also located near Kensington High Street, has zero-step, zero-hassle buggy access and has a light-filled, high-ceiling, acoustically fantastic room as wall as being close to the amenities of High Street Kensington.

Primrose Hill

  • Holland Park is easy access from Shepherd’s Bush and Brook Green with a few little steps (many mums just leave their pushchairs outside).
  • St. Mark’s is a dedicated, traditional church hall that is zero-step, zero-hassle with a dedicated waiting area which is useful for feeding babies and children before and after class.

The classes are led by professional musicians who are charismatic and energetic teachers, skilled at engaging grown-ups and children alike.  The entire staff works tirelessly to ensure the highest levels of instruction.  Equally important, they take fastidious care with hygiene and cleanliness; all toys, props, mats and instruments and meticulously washed after each class.

Welcome to the Autumn Term

Monkey Music has a fantastic music curriculum delivered by professional musicians, written within the Early Years Foundation Stages Framework.  Children learn about pulse, instruments, pitch; they sing sonorous melodies and by the time your child starts school, they will be little musicians.  Having gone through the Monkey Music curriculum, your child will enter primary school with a wealth of musical knowledge including the ability to read music and tonal hands signs.  Equally important, you both have great fun learning and sharing with your infant while meeting local families.

Rock’ n’ Roll music classes are designed for babies from 3 months.  They have a stimulating musical environment with beautiful songs with engaging sounds.  Infants are exposed to a wide variety of musical instruments, resources and hand-crafted props to captivate little ones.  It is really a lovely time for both grown ups and babies.

For toddlers from 12 months, Monkey Music offers Heigh-Ho, a class which extends your child’s ability to concentrate while supporting language development, visual memory and listening skills.  Music is introduced in a way they can easily understand and enjoy; the lessons are filled with gorgeous, hand crafted puppets, percussion instruments, dance, movement, fun and laughter.

Jiggety-Jig is the class for 2 and 3 year olds.  Here, Monkey Music builds on the foundation of the infant classes by expanding on music activities while helping children compose their own music.  Children will build on their music knowledge by focusing on finding the beat, playing quietly and loudly, learning about pulse and tempo while exploring basic music theory.  This class is great preparation for nursery as there is lots of taking turns, making friends and saying “please” and “thank you”.

Once children are school-age, Monkey Music offers Ding-Dong classes for 3 and 4 year olds.  In Ding-Dong children learn the basics of reading music, the different sections of the orchestra and children compose their own simple pieces of music.  In their weekly Monkey Music class, children will learn to clap, read, play and conduct written music and will be encouraged to sing individually and as a group.  Children take part in fun music games and discuss differing kinds of music they are hearing.

Learn more at Monkey Music Maida Vale, Marylebone, Hampstead, Notting Hill or get in touch with Eloise or Zed at 020 8438 0189, email

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