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Coram’s Fields

93 Guilford Street, London WC1N 1DN, 0207 837 6138, www.coramsfields.org

Coram’s Field s is one of the most historically interesting playgrounds in London.  Originally London’s first home for abandoned children and simultaneously of London’s first public art gallery, The Foundling Hospital became London’s first public playground, Coram’s Fields, in 1936.

Coram’s Field is a seven acre playground in the heart of London.  This magnificent haven for children is fenced in, with only one gate, making it the perfect place for mums and carers to let their children run off and really play.

The site boasts spacious grassy areas, several climbing frames, sand boxes with climbing apparatus, swings, animals in pens, sports fields and an adventure playground for older children.  In the middle of the park is a large paddling pool for hot, summer days.

If a safe, varied playground were not enough, an amazing café, Kipferl www.kipferl.co.uk/, offers Austrian coffees, cakes, sweets, sandwiches and small hot dishes of superior quality at very reasonable prices.  With each order you receive a tiny piece of heaven, a complimentary Austrian biscuit!   .

Adults are only allowed in Coram’s field if they are accompanied by a child.  The park opens daily at 9AM.  The sports fields are available for hire from 2PM on, during term time.

While Coram’s Fields is a destination in and of itself, the really nice part about it is its proximity to The Charles Dickens, The Foundling and the British Museums.  You can either begin or end museum visits in the playground.  Conversely, you can use the museums as back up if it rains when you would like to go to Coram’s Field.  Also, some sneaky inside information: there is a limited intake playgroup for the under 3’s from 10 – noon Mondays through Fridays and another group for the under 5’s from 1-4PM Monday through Saturday.  If rain spoils your plans, you may luck out and get a place to play indoors.

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