Reviews of Kensington Playgroups

Our Lady of Victories Parents and Toddlers’ Group

Our Lady of Victories Parish Hall, 16 Abingdon Road, London W8 6AF, Wednesdays and Thursdays 10 am – 11:30, contact Yana 0796 617 1802 or 0207 565 0532 and request a visit as you are required to join the group if space is available. 

  •  An extremely enjoyable playgroup
  • Very well run with nicely kept toys, great refreshments and magazines for parents and carers
  • Good mix of mums and nannies, best place to meet other families in the area
  • Limited intake so the group always has a calm and relaxing vibe to it
  • Tube: High Street Kensington
  • Bus: 9, 10, 27, 28, 49, 328, C1

 This is such a special gem for mums new to the Kensington area or new to being a mum in the Kensington area.  Further, the group is an excellent place if you are looking for more information on Our Lady of Victories school, as many people at the group are active in the parish and the school.

 The one drawback, which is not a problem for most, you have to leave your pushchair in a secure buggy park and descend a flight of stairs.  Once you are downstairs, there are a series of rooms that contain different toys and play areas for the children.  Just near the stairs is a lounge area with chairs, magazines and refreshments. 

 The group is very well organised and limits the number of children allowed in.  You must contact the lovely Yana, arrange to come and visit the group and then wait for a place to open up. It is very much worth jumping through all the hoops as it is such a nice place to go each week.

 Overall, this is a really well-thought out playgroup that gives parents a slight reprieve. 

Kensington Central Library

Kensington Central Library, 12 Phillimore Walk, W8 7SA, 0207 937 2542

  •  Easy buggy access, there is even a secret ramp if you don’t want to bump up the first few steps
  • Amazing, light filled, fun space
  • Really nice space to pass a rainy afternoon
  • Tube: High Street Kensington
  • Bus: 9, 10, 49, 52, 70, 452

 This is a very enjoyable library to take young children to.  The space is just amazing, with cushioned window seats and ceilings that go up and up.  They books are organized in a nice way for both children and adults.  There are stacks children can just grab from.

 This is a great place to keep in mind should you get rained out of the Princess Diana Memorial Playground!!

 I have yet to attend either of the children’s sessions, but judging from how well the room is organised, I am sure the program is great.

Whole Foods Market

63 Kensington High Street, W8 5SE, 020 7368 4500

  •  Good space for two children
  • Step-free and you park the buggy right in the VIP area
  • No toys, bring something to keep the kids occupied
  • Tube: High Street Kensington
  • Bus: 9, 10, 49, 52, 70, 452, 27, 28

 Mums Mornings on a Monday is a great place to take the kids and enjoy amazing Whole Foods cakes, juice, tea and coffee … for free!!  Held in the VIP room on the first floor, the room overlooks High Street Ken and is filled with soft ottomans and chairs for little kids to cruise on.  I was able to chat with loads of nice mums and carers while my infant wandered.

There are no toys for the children, but the space is really fun to wander around and play in.  The kids all enjoy themselves.  Further, on nice days you are a short walk away from the gardens behind St. Mary’s Abbott and a 15 minute walk from the Princess Diana Memorial Gardens (the Pirate Ship Playground) in Kensington Gardens.

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